Opened to the public in April 2012, the Dickson Lyneham Ponds in North Canberra by Glascott Landscape & Civil and Enviro Links Design has since become a passive recreation focal point for the community.

The new wetlands include seating, informal play areas, viewing spots, pedestrian paths, artwork and shade, and a diverse range of plant species.

The initiative implements water capture, storage and reuse from stormwater runoff from the urban areas of the Inner North of Canberra.

Since completion water quality has significantly improved, facilitated by two large water quality improvement and storm water harvesting ponds (16 + 19 ML) integrated into an established urban setting.

The landscape design and plant species selection which includes pathways, a rock jetty and community shelters create a diverse wetland habitat popular as a focal point for water and flora and fauna viewpoints. The architects say the ponds and wetlands are also a very positive contributor to nutrient stripping and sediment filtration.

Key initiatives:

  • Provides water quality improvements including very positive contribution to nutrient stripping and sediment filtration
  • Plays a role in flood detention
  • Increases aquatic and terrestrial habitat in urban areas
  • Provides an oasis in the suburbs (1200 native grasses and shrubs were planted by volunteers at a Community Planting Day)
  • Creates new recreational, volunteering and educational opportunities
  • Supplies stormwater to irrigate playing fields and other recreational areas. Lessens the demand for use of potable [drinking] water, especially in critical drought periods
  • Provides improved aesthetics to the area
  • Has sustainable outcome that benefits the broader community
  • Collects, stores and recycles water

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