Mark Paul, owner and founder of The Greenwall Company, headed the greenwall project built within the Global Change Institute Building Project at the University of Queensland.

With over 25 years of greenwall and greenroof experience, Mark installed a 70m2 panelled greenwall over the air-conditioning vents. The air will be drawn through the plants to maximize dust and VOC reduction giving a biological treatment to air in the building. 

The greenwalls have been installed in a way that will eventually allow them to be self-sustained within the building, needing only minimal maintenance. This will assist in moving away from the usual framework of consumption of resources to one that contributes to the restoration and regeneration of the environment.

Key Initiatives:

  • The greenwalls are made using over 94% of materials that would otherwise be destined for Australia landfill
  • The Greenwall Company have also created their own unique automated irrigation systems, which are built into each of their installations. Over a 12 month period, a standard panel will only require the equivalent of 4.5 showers worth of water to maintain the wall. Part of the nutrition and irrigation of the greenwall is sourced from the fishpond and the greenwall runs as a vertical wetland in the lower section. The fish waste from the native rainbow fish and wetland planting form a complete contained ecological system within the building. All these form a significant innovative step as part of the building’s green credentials.
  • The greenwall requires minimal maintenance – no need to hand-water and can be maintained based on the look you are after, otherwise the wall can just grow as it pleases.