Weathertex, the local Hunter Company that makes natural Australian hardwood cladding, panels and weatherboards, is continuously striving to improve their product offering for a market that is turning to timber more and more due to the materials aesthetics, flexibility, and ability to be sustainable and carbon neutral.

Their popular Weathergroove panelling range comes in some of the largest available sizes in Australia (3660x1196mm) which means that the vertically grooved panel makes installation on large buildings much quicker than traditional cladding. The exclusive joining system has been designed to clip onto the rebated edges of each panel, blending in perfectly with each Weathergroove sheet for a continuous panel finish.

Weathertex has just superseded their current PVC Weathergroove joiners with a stronger and more durable
aluminium version. These joiners can be used with the Weathergroove Natural range, which means this range can now be joined Off-Stud. This is a huge innovation because it means not only easier installation but less wastage.

Available in the three current Weathergroove Panel sizes, they are maintenance free without the need for silicon. the joiners can be left as is (silver), powder coated or painted, allowing for a wide spectrum of different design aesthetics.

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