Echohush Cosmo panels solve the problem of reflected sound, offering fire resistance, robustness, uniformity and simple installation in a revolutionary room acoustic wall panel.

These decorative Cosmo panels soundproof in a myriad of situations, from schools, bars, restaurants and call centres, to studios, showrooms and (home and commercial) theatres — anywhere you need greater privacy, improved acoustics or enhanced speech intelligibility.

Echohush Cosmo panels can be incorporated into the design process or retrofitted once construction has been completed.

Available in six standard designs and nine stock colours, or, by designer’s choice depending on project size. Echohush Cosmo panels are manufactured from sheet metal and unlike timber or fabric panels, they contain no chemicals that may out gas, and are not affected by moisture.

The sheet is made acoustically transparent by decorative cut-outs and is then formed into a three dimensional panel, and powder coated to your colour choice. The three dimensional shape creates a cavity which is in filled with an acoustic medium giving the panels outstanding acoustic performance.