MAXIMISE the flow of cool, natural breezes into your designs with high performance, energy efficient Altair™ Louvre Windows by Breezway.

Altair™ Louvre Windows allow natural ventilation through twice as much of the window area to capture cool, fresh air as effectively as possible. This passive cooling approach reduces the reliance on artificial air-conditioning systems, which thereby lowers energy costs and minimises the release of harmful emissions into the environment.

When closed, Breezway Louvre Windows are cyclone rated to provide the tightest sealing to withstand harsh weather conditions in Australia and removes the fear of cold draughts entering the room through winter.

As different climates require different products to achieve energy efficiency, Breezway offers a wide variety of blade types so you can choose the glazing option that best suits your energy needs. Options include toned glass and timber blades to help control solar heat gain in warmer climates or clear glass with a low e coating to help improve the insulating properties of the window, if required, in colder climates.

So for your next window design, choose Breezway Altair™ Louvre Windows — an energy efficient window with options for all Australian climates!