Imagine being able to retract a whole room when you want to enjoy the fine summer days and with a press of a button, have protection against sun, rain, and wind. The IMPACT and ERMETIKA from Goodearl Fabric Systems can offer you just this.

The IMPACT acts just like a retractable roof. The PVC material retracts and folds away when not required. Unlike other awnings the IMPACT is specially designed to protect against rain and strong wind. So don’t let inclement weather slow down your business or stop you from enjoying the outdoors.

The clear PVC on the ERMETIKA straight drop screen provides you with protection against harsh weather while still providing unrestricted views. The clear PVC is tracked along the side rails to provide a complete enclosure, keeping the warmth in and the cold out.

The combination of the IMPACT and ERMETIKA can provide a complete retractable enclosure for outdoor space. They are ideal for entertainment areas and commercial use in restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs.

Exhibiting at designEX, Stand 2260.