A Complete System...

Atlantis provides a complete stormwater harvesting solution. In conjunction with our partners, we offer stormwater filtration, water storage, integrated irrigation system and the purification of stormwater.

Ideally Installed Into:

• Sports Fields

• Parks & Gardens

• Car Parking Lots

• Community Land

Collect and Purify Stormwater from:

• Roads

• Car Parking Lots

• Sport Fields Runoff

• Urban Runoff

• Rooftops


• Harvest Stormwater

• Reduce Polluted Stormwater Runnoff

• Protect Natural Bushland and Creeks

• Provide an ecologically sustainable stormwater system


• Tank Construction of any Volume

• No Flushing of Tank Required

• No Gross Pollutant Trap Required

• Long Life Performance

• Monitor Water Level via Computer Link

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