Carter Williamson’s Shaun Carter has been elevated to Life Fellowship by the NSW Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects

Life Fellowship is the highest honour class of AIA membership available to members practising architecture. Carter, a former President of the Chapter, says the title is an honour he was delighted to receive.

“I am extraordinarily honoured to receive a Life Fellowship from the Australian Institute of Architects,” he says.

“The Institute is our professional organisation that seeks to support, educate, develop, nurture, promote and advocate for and on behalf of its members. To reach out beyond the clubhouse to the wider community to explain the value of architects and architecture to our society. The Institute seeks the ear of Government and Industry to explain the place of architects within society, culture and the environment.”

The founding architect of Carter Williamson Architects, Carter initially worked in the construction industry before entering the architectural industry with a Structural Engineering degree, graduating with 1st Class Honours in Architecture from UTS upon completion of his tertiary studies. 

Overseeing projects of all shapes, sizes and purposes, Carter is a lover of process, and a major believer in architecture making life better for wider society. In 2012 he won a place on the Dulux Study Tour, a prize that recognises the best and brightest of the generation of eligible architects, visiting the architects and architecture of London, Berlin and Dubai. Later that year Shaun won a Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship for Carter Williamson’s GRID, a lightweight, transportable, flat-packed housing project, visiting disaster sites in Asia and America, culminating in meetings in New York with the UN.

The architect recently won the AIA Architecture award for residential Architecture and Sustainability, as well as a commendation for Innovation in Steel Colorbond Award. Tutoring and lecturing at various universities across the country, Carter is focussed on mentoring the next generation of Australian architects. 

Carter was the NSW Chapter President of the Australian Institute of Architects from 2015–2017. He now sits on the Awards, Design Culture, Large Practice Forum and CPD committees. These roles allow Shaun to be involved in associated meetings with the Institute as well as chairing juries for the Student Awards and the Adrian Ashton Prize for Writing and Criticism.

The NSW Registered Architect says his job and work as an architect has afforded him opportunities of a lifetime, that have allowed him to shape the future of Australian architecture. The Life Fellowship is an extension of this, and something that Carter is immensely grateful for. 

"For me, Architecture is the profession I love. It has given me so much and I try and give back to it in return. It’s been a great pleasure and honour to work with and for my fellow architects and within Architecture. This honour means a great deal to me."


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