Frasers Property Australia’s Sustainability Advisor, Ruvini Silva has been awarded the WELL Community Award by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), recognising the Advisor’s exceptional market leadership in 2021.

Each year the IWBI awards a number of sustainability professionals with the community award who are leading the charge to revolutionise the impact buildings, organisations and communities have on health, equity and quality of life.

Silva was a recipient of the honour for her work progressing the pre-certification, certification and recertification processes for WELL ratings, as well as her work advocating for better health and wellbeing outcomes in the industry through various projects.

“WELL provides an important and valuable framework through which the industry can change the way our buildings, companies and projects positively influence people and communities. It’s a privilege to be recognised among the other deserving recipients,” she says.

IWBI President and CEO Rachel Hodgdon says the Institute will always look to celebrate those who adopt a people-first approach to design and development. 

The WELL Community Awards recognise individuals and organisations from around the globe who 
“IWBI has experienced exponential growth over the past year, with organisations and industry leaders adopting WELL strategies to demonstrate a commitment to people-first places and an increasing prioritisation of well-being,” she says.

“Through continuous advocacy, engagement and leadership, these award recipients have played an influential role in this growth globally and within their local communities.”

The announcement of Silva being a recipient of the Community Award follows the developer’s headquarters becoming the first commercial office in Australia to achieve WELL recertification as recognised by the IWBI in July. Frasers Property Australia seeks to be a leader in providing healthy, safe and supportive workplace environments for employees.

Image: Supplied