The Property Council of Australia last week inducted two new members into its Hall of Fame, welcoming Jim Hazel and Charlotte Vidor onto an inductees list including the likes of Frank Lowy AC, Carol Schwartz AO, Sir John Pidgeon and Sir Keith Campbell.

Established over a decade ago to honour those who have provided sustained leadership and major contributions to the Australian built environment, the inductees are announced each year at the Council’s Hall of Fame Gala Dinner at Parliament House.

Property Council Chief Executive Mike Zorbas says he is delighted to have recognised the collective efforts of Hazel and Vidor to Australia’s property industry.

“Both Jim and Charlotte have played tremendously influential roles in the industry,” he says. 

“Without their remarkable leadership, retirement villages and serviced apartments would not have achieved the level of success they enjoy today.

“Jim played a foundational role in the success of the retirement living industry. The results of his decades of commitment, bold thinking and customer focus will benefit senior Australians for generations to come. He has extended his access, advice and network to property executives across the country, thus assisting industry’s advancement at the same time.

“Similarly, Charlotte was a pioneer of the serviced apartments industry, taking an idea from overseas and fitting it into the Australian context. She has been a trailblazer for women in construction and development, created new classes of hospitality assets and generously supported the career growth of many young people.”

Hazel says it was an honour to become the first South Australian and first retirement living sector inductee.

“This is an extraordinary, and humbling, honour,” he says.

“Being recognised for creating wonderful communities for senior Australians is a great joy to me.”

Vidor says she is beyond grateful for the resounding approval from her peers.

“I am sincerely thankful for this recognition and proud to be in the company of so many respected leaders in the industry.”

Image: Jim Hazel (left) and Charlotte Vidor (right) / Supplied.