GHD has appointed Natascha Rezai as a Technical Director for Tunnels in Sydney, as the company looks to account for the meteoric rise of the tunnelling industry in Australia. 

Following on from the initial appointment of Sam Mirlatifi as Technical Director of Tunnelling and Geotechnics in July 2020, Rezai’s newly created role is also part of strengthening the company’s capacity and commitment to deliver sustainable, safe and modern tunneling infrastructure for future Australian projects.

With 15 years’ experience across Australia and Europe, Rezai has worked with major international design consultancies and delivery contractors on some of the largest and most complex tunnel projects.

Helen Barbour-Bourne, Sydney’s Business Group Leader - Geotechnics and Tunnels says Rezai’s appointment comes at an opportune time for both GHD and the country itself. 

“Australia has never had such a plentiful tunnelling infrastructure pipeline before, so it’s really an exciting time to be expanding GHD’s tunneling team and work closely and collaboratively with our clients in an inclusive and ethically responsible way,” she says.

Previously holding roles on iconic tunnel projects including Sydney Metro City and Southwest, North West Rail Link and Brisbane’s Airport Link Rezai says the in-depth experiences she has gained across the past decade and a half will help her grow accustomed to her new role.

“I am looking forward to keeping our cities moving and creating more community connections through new infrastructure in my new role working alongside a team of industry leading experts to bring innovation and insight into future tunnel projects,” she says.

Brendan Henry, GHD’s Australian Tunnels Practice Leader says he’s excited to begin working in collaboration with Rezai. 

“I am very excited to work with Natascha on further expansion of our global tunnel design team. She is driven by a personal desire to create lasting positive outcomes and improve the quality of life for communities. Natascha brings her unique diversified perspective in geotechnical engineering to the tunneling industry.”

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