Building a new home or renovating an existing one represents a major investment, but how does the average person keep track of the many and varied costs involved, let alone try to account for costs at the outset?

With ongoing low interest rates and competitive construction pricing widely available, Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev says now is a good time to renovate or construct a tailor-designed dwelling.

“However, it is extremely difficult for average Australians to know what costs are involved in the many aspects of construction, which make budgeting purely guess work.”

“The [Archicentre Australia] Cost Guide helps those embarking on this major investment keep control of the future building’s design and construction,” he says.

Georgiev says there are many aspects to residential construction carried out by various trade experts, so it is virtually impossible for most people to comprehend the costs involved.
“The updated guide provides cost ranges relating to common aspects of home repairs and maintenance as well as estimates for renovations and additions.

“The guide assumes use of standard materials, fixtures and finishes, and is aimed at giving people an idea of what costs to expect without the benefit of a design strategy plan,” he says.

 “It’s time to stop thinking and talking about a new home, renovation, home improvement project or property development and get into a design process supported by a community-based architect.”