Hames Sharley has announced the promotion of four new Directors and an Associate Director in conjunction with setting a number of ambitious equity targets.

The announcements have looked to bolster the practice’s operations as it looks towards an exciting future. Hames Sharley Chair, William Hames says the unique and diverse skills and backgrounds of the five senior employees will help Hames Sharley to further navigate an unpredictable but exciting future environment in front of a large internal audience.

Dustin Brade, Shannon O'Shea, Andrew Mailler and Dean Symington were nominated and confirmed as Directors at the firm's most recent Board of Directors' meeting. The growth of Hames Sharley's SA Studio has continued and created an opportunity to promote Dorota Chmielewska to Associate Director. 

The practice’s recent board meeting that confirmed the promotion also saw the agreement of 40/40/20 targets for gender equity at all levels of the practice’s operations. The equity levels mean that the practice will have a minimum of 40 percent female Directors by 2025. Further, they have agreed to commence immediately with targets of a minimum of 40 percent female representation on all bids, submissions, thought-leadership groups, and committees. This target also aligns with a 40 percent representation target for the Executive Management Group by 2022. 

Managing Director Caillin Howard says the five nominees were selected for their exemplary success and leadership across Hames Sharley's Practice and their commitment to Hames Shartley's core values, behaviours and design innovation.

Hames also indicates that "the board is nowhere near full" and that there are present Hames Sharley staff, as well as individuals in the industry who are yet to work for Hames Sharley, that he looks forward to welcoming to the Board in due course.

The additions to Hames Sharley's key strategic body will unlock greater opportunities for the practice, their clients, and the communities they serve.

A brief introduction to these five newly promoted staff is found below:

Dustin Brade - Director

As the NSW Studio Leader, Dustin Brade has played a key role in driving the growth of the Sydney studio. He is a tireless advocate of Hames Sharley's approach within one of Australia's largest markets. Brade’s tenacity and humility as a leader creates an authenticity that is refreshing in an often-transactional environment.

Shannon O'Shea – Director

O’Shea’s career to date has been one of commitment, communication and care. Her excellence in urban development is surpassed only by her genuine passion and care for people and communities. An advocate for equity, accountability, integrity and a true leader across the national firm, she provides a critical voice to improving our communities through design.

Andrew Mailler –Director

Mailler’s transition into the role of Finance Director has been a true success, playing an instrumental role in introducing further clarity and structure to Hames Sharley's internal financial and reporting system. His formal addition to the Board of Directors will further unlock the firm's capacity to operate at the highest level of the built environment, both locally and internationally.

Dean Symington – Director

Symington’s growth as a leader has been a testament to what tenacity, self-reflection and collegiality can achieve within the Hames Sharley practice. He leads the Office & Industrial portfolio through commercial acumen and technical nous. Dean is an outspoken member of Hames Sharley's Champions for Change and works closely with staff as a mentor and coach, helping develop the built environment's future talent.

Dorota Chmielewska – Associate Director 

Dorota Chmielewska has proven to be an invaluable addition to the SA Studio and the entire firm, leading and supporting several complex projects across Hames Sharley. Her understanding of the demands and inequalities within the construction industry allows her to offer thoughtful advice and support to improve confidence for women across the board.

Pic: from L-R: Dustin Brade, Shannon O'Shea, Andrew Mailler & Dean Symington / Supplied