Ecogradia is a podcast on sustainability hosted by Nirmal Kishnani, Singaporean based leader and university teacher in sustainability.

For fourteen years he was editor-in-chief of an Asia-based Green design magazine, where he transformed a little-known publication into a reputable source of Green views, projects and technologies. Now he orchestrates the world’s most professionally produced podcasts on sustainability, called Ecogradia.

Over the last 3 years the podcast has featured over 40 episodes including Wong Mun Summ and Richard Hassell of WOHA, Bjarke Ingalls of BIG, Rocky Mountain Institute’s founder and guru, Amory Lovins, Australian green leader Maria Atkinson, KjetilTraedal Thorsen of Snohetta, and Harvard GSD’s Rahul Mehotra.

The latest podcast to land is with architect and A&D columnist Tone Wheeler, discussing the big issue facing sustainability in Australian cities – our suburbs, the lowest density and highest per person energy users in the world. The podcast lays out the issues and Nirmal and Tone discuss what solutions are emerging. The 40-minute discussion is here, and look out for some related outtakes next week.

Tone Wheeler’s A&D articles are Tone on Tuesday and Design Notes, you can contact Tone at [email protected]