BVN’s Brisbane studio has appointed two new principals, Kevin O’Brien and Catherine Skinner.

“…Together they bring the types of experiences and thinking that are suited to the purpose of architecture in these challenging and fast changing times,” says James Grose, BVN CEO.

O’Brien joins BVN with skills across the four areas of the profession, academia, creative practice and community service. 

“I was trained to understand that an idea is required in order to pursue genuine architecture. For me, ‘Finding Country’ is that idea and one that has informed my thinking and work as an architect, teacher, arts collaborator and board member,” says O’Brien.

On the other hand, Skinner has been with BVN since 2010. In her most recent roles she has taken a leadership position in the BVN/3XN collaboration on one of Sydney’s tallest buildings at the Quay Quarter, Circular Quay and the redevelopment of the Sydney Fish Markets.

“A large project brings associated complexities that along with working collaboratively with a mixed team of both architects and consultants is not only challenging but highly invigorating,” says Skinner. “I cannot see working alone as being nearly as fulfilling.”