Architect Simon Cookes has come up with a new revolutionary machine technology that he says transforms “projects into success.”

LARKI is claimed to be “a world-first software that speeds up the planning process within minutes by challenging how built environment professionals communicate and design the cities of tomorrow.”

Developed as a ‘3D urban optimiser’, LARKI tackles the lack of information with sharp, super accurate and highly-detailed data, set to empower tech-architects and give them a competitive advantage in the field.

“Traditional 2D formats have resulted in architects being exposed to slow planning assessment periods and poor and inaccurate surveys. These outdated processes can lead to legal action or loss of fees, clients, and credibility,” says the architect.

“Having learnt first-hand the power of technology to transform practice, and with my entrepreneurial spirit, I saw there were some very impressive improvements in surveying technology that needed to be adopted by architects,” he says.

“Our engagement is purposefully aimed at enhancing cities by sharing knowledge and resources for mutual benefit. This includes making it more ecological, functional and beautiful.”

LARKI natively sticks to the architectural journey by providing around 30,000,000 site data points in 3D. As a result, the entire planning assessment process is sped up.

The 3D city model increases the accuracy, reliability and affordability of architecture so that architects will be able to save crucial time that will allow them to focus more on the creative parts and finalise projects faster.

LARKI has already been adopted by Nightingale Housing. “LARKI's work on Nightingale Village has been exceptional,” says Jeremy McLeod, director of Breathe Architecture and co-founder of Nightingale Housing.