Outdoor advertising company JCDecaux have commissioned Zaha Hadid Architects to design a roadside billboard that moves beyond the traditional rectangular advertising format.

Intended to stand alongside a main route in west London, Hadid’s billboard has been revealed as a twisted steel structure, which the architect says crosses the line between media platform and public art.

The sign will feature a single digital advertising screen wrapped in ribbons of thick sheet metal that have a matte finish to reduce glare from sunlight and vehicle headlights. 

A strip of lighting across the curved back of the sign will illuminate the pavement, replacing existing traditional lamp posts.

The structure is described in the plans as “monocoque", meaning the screen and steel frame are integrated into one shell to reduce the structures size and support the overall load.

As well as displaying advertising images, the billboard screen will show travel updates and exhibit work by local artists, designers and architects on monthly rotations.   

Courtesy Dezeen