UK-based Chetwoods Architects, in collaboration with HuaYan Group, have released plans for the Phoenix Towers in Wuhan, China, which are set to be the tallest pair of skyscrapers in the world.

At 1km in height, the supertall structures will act as the centerpiece to the four master plans Chetwood has prepared as part of scheme to re-invigorate the Chinese city.

The towers are expected to be constructed on an island within a lake as part of a 47-hectare site.

Wind turbines, solar panels, thermal chimneys and rainwater harvesting will work in conjunction with biomass boilers and hydrogen fuel cells at ground level to generate the power required to support the towers and contribute to the wider community.

The concept for the two towers draws on the symbol of the Chinese Phoenix, which combines male (Feng) and female (Huang) entities in perfect balance.

The Feng tower “feeds” the Huang tower with renewable energy and together they act as a beacon of sustainability in the area.

Courtesy World Architecture News and Inhabitat