E Ink Holdings, a company with roots in electronic ink technology for eReaders and display products, has announced a new product that will allow architects and interior designers to bring design elements to life.

Prism is a colour changing film that can be integrated with architectural products to change colours, patterns and habitats. Differentiating itself from static paint or power-hungry digital displays, it has a paint-like appearance, but can be programmed to change automatically in response to external stimulus, or change the colour of a wall, ceiling panel or an entire room with the flip of a switch.

The product features a rugged and flexible design, which creates opportunities for easy and durable integration with materials, structures and applications. Panels also require low power consumption, with a reduced need for electrical connections.

Applications include using the product on doors to indicate if a conference room is occupied, or on walls to create designs that respond to noise, temperature or motion. Prism-clad walls can also be used as a navigation aid for people finding their way around spaces. 

The prototype film measures 12 x 12 inches. A final version is expected to be made available by the end of 2015.