Woods Bagot’s latest Queensland project condenses $970 million worth of luxury apartments, hotel and retail facilities into one single display unit.

The display unit will be the sales base for the developers of ‘Jewel’, a three-tower project with retail, hotel and residential facilities, slated for development on the shores of Surfers Paradise Beach.

Situated at the base of a five-star hotel, Woods Bagot Senior Interior Designer Michelle Donnelly, says that the off-site location selected was initially a challenge for the design team.

“From the outset it was clear that in order to create an environment that would exude the luxury required by Wanda Ridong, the façade would have to work very hard to capture attention,” she explained.

“The solution was to wrap the façade in a multifaceted, semi-reflective cladding. Reminiscent of a precious stone, the façade acts to conceal the interior from the outside, while enticing people towards the suite.”

The all-new display suite takes cues from high-end luxury retail design, featuring a bespoke jewelled façade, brass frame detailing, and a five metre long entry portal that works to create a clear distinction between inside and out, all the while accentuating the space within.

The concept and geometric branding has inspired key design elements which are featured throughout the interior beyond the façade, with the central pavilion housing a custom-made reception desk constructed from the same polished brass.

“The key to the display suite experience was to create a relaxed environment which reflected the opulence of the development and gave a taste of the Jewel Lifestyle,” said Woods Bagot Senior Associate Bronwyn McColl.

“Upon arrival, the guest is taken into the Pavilion before being guided through the display suite, which reveals the apartment components, including the living area, kitchen, dining, belvedere, ensuites and bedroom spaces.”

McColl says that the Jewel display suite was unique and unlike anything the market had seen before.

The display is now open to the public and is located at 3113 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise Queensland.

Photography by Scott Burrows.