Woodlea’s promise to residents for a green-first community has taken another step forward, with the West-Melbourne housing estate unveiling its tenth park this week.

The park is only a small part of the story for Woodlea - who continue to add to their unrivalled amount of green spaces, with over 30 percent of the entire Woodlea development (300,000sqm) dedicated to parklands.

Woodlea project director Matthew Dean says Woodlea aims to become Australia’s healthiest community, and hopes to be a benchmark for future housing estate developments.

“Woodlea is the blueprint for what a sustainable and resilient community looks like, it is one that puts residents first and foremost to ensure they have everything they need, from facilities through to a connection with nature and open space.”

Research conducted by Parks Victoria and the school of Health and Social Development of Deakin University found that people living more than 1 kilometre away from green space have higher odds of experiencing stress than those living less than 300 metres from a green space.

Every Woodlea property is already strategically positioned to be located within 200 metres of a park, and the whole estate is home to over 6,000 mature trees that have been planted since its opening.

Dean says that residents of the estate are far more likely to be stress free within the environment, as opposed to other developments that do not account for green spaces as much as Woodlea.

“Research has shown that living within close proximity to a park can positively improve your house value but there are also the mental and physical benefits associated with green space and last year really put this to the test - every one of our residents were able to access green space within 200 metres of their home from parks and playgrounds to walking trails.”

Woodlea parks are all inclusive and consist of a range of sensory activities and sporting complexes.

The estate is committed to the preservation of local waterways, committing $15 million towards the environmental restoration of the Kororoit Creek corridor, as well as carrying out significant works to preserve the heritage of the Rockbank area including the heritage-listed Rockbank Inn.

The town’s next major project is the Woodlea Town Park which is located opposite to the town centre, which will include a sculptural water play element with water jets and lights dancing in sequence; an elevated performance stage and amphitheatre seating.

Image: Supplied