With floods and fires causing permanent damage to homes in disaster homes and a housing crisis in full swing, Australian entity Wild Modular has created 55 modular home designs for residents forced to vacate their properties in the wake of the NSW Northern Rivers floods of 2022.

The NSW Government’s buyback scheme, which forms part of the wider Northern Rivers Resilient Homes Program, looks to support those who lost their homes in the Ballina, Byron, Clarence Valley, Kyogle, Lismore, Richmond Valley and Tweed Local Government Areas. While the buyback scheme does assist in financially aiding residents who lost their homes, construction times and costs of standard homes are leaving victims stranded for months on end.

The Wild Modular homes have been constructed at the company’s factory in Sydney’s west and then transported to various LGAs within the Northern Rivers region. Those who now live in the homes were previously living in caravans or camping.

"We understand how important it is for families to feel safe and secure in their homes," says Wild Modular Co-Founder Alex Tattle. 

wild modular

"Our builds reflect this understanding with a high-quality design and a BAL rating of 29. Additionally, knowing that the modules can be repurposed later aligns with our commitment to reducing our environmental impact."

“New technology, using Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA), is seeing multi-bedroom homes constructed, complete with a bathroom and kitchen in under 12 days to a high quality standard, that’s cost effective and sustainable.” 

“We can construct 40 modules a month comfortably which is extremely quick.”

“Modular buildings are nothing new in countries like Europe, where brickies can’t work in the snow or in Japan where space is at a premium while in Sweden and Norway at least half of newly constructed homes are built prefabricated.” 

“In Australia modular buildings account for as little as 3 percent but that’s expected to triple to 15 percent within the next 24 months and as land sizes continue to shrink, alternatives to traditional construction methods and emergency housing will spike in demand.”

For more information, visit www.wildmodular.com.au.