For architect Rob Mills, winning the Best Residential Interior title at the World Architecture Awards held last month in London was extra special and close to his heart. 

Formerly an old warehouse where Mills lived for 12 years, the newly renovated home combines comfort and familiarity with glamour and style. Having lived in the space for a long time, he knew the home he wanted to create even before the renovation began.

The entryway has a tunnel-like appearance easing the visitor towards the light. The central level has a generous kitchen and dining space with a brass theme running through the kitchen.

Feature highlights include a solid grey marble anchoring stove reminiscent of the old kitchen farmhouse, the under-bench brass ribs with a beach-house vibe and beautiful pale marble floors with a rusty-brass seam.

The living room on the western side features full-height glass allowing the residents to enjoy the beautiful vista of the green canopy of trees and the park beyond.

A black marble powder room past the other end of the kitchen and living space continues the opulent vibe while the reading room/ TV study offers the option to enjoy the lively street view outside or shutter up to create a limed oak-lined cocoon of contemplation.

Mills has used lines and curves throughout the home in a beautiful design dichotomy. One can use the curved stairs or the brass-doored lift to reach the top level.

The two children’s bedrooms sit towards the east while the main suite at the other end features an ensuite with a cool marble and brass theme, overlooking the trees and rooftops.

The home is healthy, light, airy and sound with the raw finishes of stone, the simplicity of stucco walls, and the minimal use of paint and chemical products creating an underlying theme of wholesome liveability.