The Creative Team behind the Australian Exhibition at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale are now seeking short narratives and photographs from the public that explain their unique experiences of the Australian pool.

The Pool by Sydney based practice Aileen Sage and urban strategist Michelle Tabet, was announced as the winning proposal for the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale on April 21, and will profile some of Australia’s most remarkable pools, whether they are natural or manmade, inland or coastal, temporary or permanent.

The team are now seeking to crowdsource a database of photographs and short narratives to inform their research for the exhibition and are asking you, the public, to describe what a pool means for you, what you love about that pool, your childhood or recent memories of it, or its impact on your everyday life.

“These pools may take many forms and mean different things to different people – from coastal pools and rock pools to inner city pools, private backyard pools or the local municipal pool; commemorative pools or reservoirs, waterholes and billabongs – our landscape is made of both pools of necessity and pools of excess,” reads a release from the team.  

“Pools are an element of sport and survival, leisure and lifeblood, social spaces and places of quiet contemplation.”

To submit your favourite pool and help the team frame the exhibition and the stories they share with the world at Venice, visit