Bold colours, textured materials and vibrant patterns typical of Google’s in-house style are mixed with Dutch design cues at the search engine’s new Amsterdam offices.

Designed by local Dutch studio D/DOCK, the innovative workplace incorporates foosball tables, cardboard box lights and graffiti-style art, as well as comfy meeting spaces by way of 1960s caravans, complete with a patch of astro-turf, a lawn chair and a grill.

Sliding patterned doors convert private spaces to more open-air meeting areas, while floor-to-ceiling windows create a fresh and light-filled work environment.

Traditional delft blue graphics and a carrier cycle reception desk have also been incorporated into the industrial garage space.

To complete the look, D/DOCK have paid homage to a popular Dutch desert, hanging stroopwafel inspired ceiling panels from the cafeteria and gaming areas.

Courtesy Fast Company