Located in the east of Pretoria in South Africa, the ‘Floating Space’ building by Johan Wentzel and Grete Van of W Design Architecture Studio, projects the illusion of weightlessness.

Constructed primarily from glass and concrete, the adaptable building is elevated over a set of columns and landscaped gardens, creating the impression that it is hovering above the ground.

The trickery continues inside, with expansive glass curtain walls opening up to a wide vista of unobstructed views, enhancing the illusion of never ending space.

The walls, floor and roof are cast as a complete shape from a singular material, made possible by the use of an off-shutter construction system.

Coloured glass beads fill the holes left by the concrete formwork in the sides, allowing for decorative light to filter through.

Careful consideration has been given to climatic impact on the building, with cantilevered overhangs used as protection against unwanted, direct sunlight.

W Design Architecture Studio have left the end use of the building undisclosed, choosing to interweave the concept of resource optimization and multi-functional use into each of the rooms.

Courtesy Designboom