To complete his ‘Dream Domain’ series of elaborate villas, Russian architect and businessman Vasily Klyukin has envisioned a number of ‘arthouses’, inspired by the works of renowned creatives such as Piet Mondarin and Andy Warhol.

The eye-catching homes were designed by Klyukin to be the “star of the party”, with bold colours and extravagant features present in all the conceptual illustrations. 

‘Villa Mondrian’ takes its namesake and influence from artist Piet Mondrian, hosting a façade in the style of his famous ‘Composition with Red, Yellow, Blue and Black’ painting.     

Blocks of the primary colours cover the home’s glass windows and doors, continuing around the entire exterior of the building.

‘Andy Warhol’s Villa’ references the pop artist’s iconic hairstyle, sprouting jagged, yellow formations from the roof of the primarily transparent glass dwelling.

‘Villa Suprarta’ also comprises geometric lines and vibrant colours.

Made up of rectangular glass volumes, rotated around a central axis, the house takes on a different form when viewed from different angles.

The ‘Madame Sur’ house is envisaged to sit on the edge of a cliff and boasts a bright red, angular glass exterior that covers the expansive retreat and reflects the surrounding landscape.

Also included in the Dream Domain series is the 007 inspired ‘Top Secret Agent Villa’, the leaf-canopied ‘Palm Oasis’, the stone ‘Villa Scorpion’ and the ‘Graphica Villa’, which is a temple-like structure located amongst waterfalls and appears only accessible by a helicopter and an elevator shaft, rooted to the side of a rocky terrain.

Courtesy Designboom