Stockholm-based Utopia Arkitekter and engineering firm Skanska have revealed plans to build ‘The Jewel’ – a new six-storey, gemstone-inspired office block, set to become Sweden’s most energy-efficient building.

Designed for the city of Uppsala, the 11,000-square-metre structure will produce its own solar power and feature an eye-catching multi-faceted façade made from shards of orange-toned metal, glass and solar cells.

Triangular sections of glazing around the bottom of the building make it appear as though the volume is balancing on metal points.

The geometric pattern is continued down onto the concrete slabs of the public piazza below, which will host an outdoor cafe, market, bike parking and access to the train station next door.

The ground floor of The Jewel will serve as a waiting area for the station with a ticket desk and bicycle repair shop, as well as an educational sustainability centre.

Also incorporated into the design are a number of green features, including rooftop solar panels, airtight insulation to minimize heating and cooling costs, and real-time energy consumption monitoring systems.

The architects anticipate the building will attain LEED Platinum status – the highest energy efficiency level awarded to buildings in Sweden.

Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2015.

Courtesy Dezeen