Public, the street art festival from Form, will be open for audience viewing around Perth and the Pilbara region on April 5 2014.

Running for nine days, Public is a celebration of urban art and creativity that will bring visual, and digital artists from around the world to Perth and the Pilbara.

Walls and laneways around these areas will be transformed with street art, projections, installations, and public events.

 The multi-year program will encompass four components: Art in the City, Art in the Pilbara, 100 Hampton Road, and a Symposium. Art in the City will begin on the April 5.

The event aims to position Perth alongside Bristol, New York, Miami, Barcelona and Buenos Aires as an emerging international street art hotspot. Form suggests that these cities are   well-known to the impact of using art to enrich and empower the lives of its people and are a model for emulation.

Form Executive Director, Lynda Dorrington comments: “Public is a celebration of art in the public realm and community life. It will showcase the varied facets of our community, drawing out threads of social and cultural diversity, our regional and urban environments, to highlight the rich tapestry that informs WA life. Our places and spaces will become the canvas.”


Phibs painting for 140 ART project, 2013. Photo by Bewely Shaylor

The first year of this multi-year program combines:

  • Public (April 5-13, 2014): over 9 days, 30 walls and additional spaces will be transformed culminating in a three day activation on Wolf Lane and King Street 11-13 April 2014.
  • A social housing program (ongoing): design and the arts enhance the living and social environments of lodging house properties.
  • A symposium (late 2014): leading international creative leaders explore the social and economic dividends that art in the public realm can offer.
  • An artist-in-residence program: leading artists are hosted in and around Perth and the majestic landscapes and communities of the Pilbara in the state’s remote North West.

Chris Nixon, ELEPHANT, 594 x 420mm, Giclee print on paper, framed, 2013.

This free program will bring leading contemporary West Australian, National and International visual, street and digital artists together including:

Jetsonorama (USA); Phlegm (UK); Jordan Seiler + Heavy Projects (USA); Nigel Bennet (Italy); eL Seed (Tunisia/Canada); ROA (Belgium); Ever (Argentina); Gaia (USA); Saner (Mexico); 2501 (Italy); Hyuro (Argentina); Alexis Diaz (Puerto Rico); Jaz (Argentina); Pixel Pancho (Italy); Maya Hayuk (USA); Remed (France); The Yok and Sheryo (Perth/USA); Beastman (Sydney); Kyle Hughes-Odgers (Perth); Lucas Grogan (Melbourne); Phibs (Sydney); Reko Rennie (Melbourne); Stormie Mills (Perth); Yandell Walton (Melbourne); and Vans the Omega (Adelaide). 



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