Japanese studio Sugawaradaisuke mixed powdered iron with plaster to give this Tokyo house a rusted exterior that will weather over time.

Located in the Chofu district, the Transustainable House incorporates a mixture of outdoor, indoor and "semi-indoor" areas throughout the two-storey home.

A ground floor covered in pebbles, minimal décor and natural light from large sliding windows combine to further blur the distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Voids have also been cut into corners to create courtyards at the front and back of the house.

Private and social rooms have been arranged for maximum flexibility, allowing small families, couples and single residents to share the space.

The architectural appearance of the house is designed to reference its surroundings, which continue to change and transform as buildings in the district are demolished and rebuilt.

The building’s steel façade is a visual representation of time, weathering gradually with dappled rust as it is exposed to rain, wind and sunlight.

Courtesy Inhabitat