A ‘tiny house’ designed and built by sustainable home builder The Sociable Weaver will be showcased at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne.

With a 6.2 by 2.4 metre footprint, the house will take up only a small portion of Federation Square when it opens to the public on 11 February. But it’s message is significant.

“Living in a 'tiny house' can mean that people are able to live more simply,” says Dave Martin, The Sociable Weaver founder.

“There’s much less space to clean and maintain, they are easy to heat and cool, and they are very affordable.”

Designed with maximum efficiency in mind, the house features a loft queen size bed accessed via a ladder, and another fold out queen bed which doubles as a desk when folded away.

“With clever design, you can ensure a small space doesn’t feel cramped,” says Martin.    

“Simple elements like the use of light colours, a raked or cathedral ceiling, the positioning of windows and having multifunctional spaces all contribute to the feeling of space.”

The bathroom is complete with a toilet, shower and vanity unit, and the dividing wall features a sliding door and bookshelf. The kitchen comprises of a two-burner electric cooktop, dishwasher, sink and overhead cupboards, and the laundry has a Bosch washing machine/dryer and rack overhead for hanging clothes.

Integrated folding doors and walls allow the space to be reconfigured and for the house to be opened up to its immediate surroundings. A green wall outside allows fresh herbs and cherry tomatoes to be grown.

Power is generated by a solar panel on the roof, and water is stored in a tank underneath the house.

At the Sustainable Living Festival, The Sociable Weaver hopes to inspire and encourage people with their 'tiny house' to think about different ways of living.

“A 'tiny house' may not be for everyone, but even if we can motivate people to be more conscious about the houses they live in, what they consume and their environmental footprint then we've achieved what we set out to do,” says The Sociable Weaver’s Stephanie Pajic.

Visit the 'tiny house':
11 – 25 February
12 – 6pm weekdays
12 – 4pm weekends