The tiny home movement may have hit a roadblock in the USA with the Government imposing tough rules to slow down or halt the increasing popularity of this simple housing concept.

Many people are choosing to move into tiny homes across the US for different reasons ranging from affordability and environmental impact to political leanings and a yearning for a simpler life. Typically measuring about 500 square feet, a tiny home is cheaper to build and does not impact the owner financially; additionally, these homes are easy to maintain, making them an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional properties, especially when the owners are getting older.

However, the US Government is frowning on off grid living, primarily because of the way bigger property companies are being challenged by the tiny house movement. Concerns are being expressed about these homes looking unsightly in traditional neighbourhoods, and public safety has also been cited as a reason to stop the movement.

Elsewhere in the US, Detroit is one city where residents are being encouraged by the Government to build tiny homes.