Saffron has come up with a design for a new LED light bulb that encourages you to gently fall asleep under the guidance of an artificial sunset.

Named the Drift Light, the 40W-equivalent LED bulb has a built-in microprocessor that allows its warm light to be cast and controlled by any standard switch already installed in your home.

Flicking the switch on will make the LED light work like any regular bulb.

Quickly turning it on, off, and back on again activates the light’s Midnight Mode, which gradually dimms it to darkness over the course of 37 minutes, mimicking the light change involved in a real sunset.

Flicking the switch three times will enter the Moonlight Mode, slowly dimming the bulb to a faint glow where it can serve as a nightlight.

According to Saffron, by reducing the blueish hues that are often emitted from other LED lights and electronics, the Drift Light actually increases the sleep promoting hormone melatonin and assists you to enter a natural slumber.

Video: Saffron via Sewell Direct Youtube

Courtesy Fast Company