It is not every day that architects witness the demolition of one of their own buildings, but that is exactly what Fulton Trotter Architects did last week.

Demolition began last week on the architect’s previous premises at 96 Astor Terrace, Spring Hill.

In the early 1960s Fulton Job Collin moved into the building designed by Stephen E. Trotter, with the assistance of Jack Gilmour, for 30 years before briefly taking residence a few doors down. In 2001 Fulton Trotter and Partners moved back to a newly refurbished 96 Astor Terrace, before relocating in 2011 to their current premises. 

The classic 1960’s modernist building had been preserved over time with internal renovations in 2000, but its original curtain wall system and aquamarine panels remaining untouched since installation.

Additionally, the external red brickwork remained in its original condition, without painting or rendering.

It will hold great significance for many current and past employees of Fulton Trotter Architects, where numerous young architects, including current directors Paul and Mark Trotter, were trained.

Inside the dated facade, the building was home to many designs and documentations of renowned and award winning buildings.

Despite the support of many Brisbane architects, the building was unsuccessful to gain heritage listing of which is was nominated for.

Fulton Trotter Architects had out-grown the ‘old lady’, but moved to more spacious premises in Portman Lane.