At 140 metres high, the recently completed Clement Canopy towers in Singapore have taken the record as the world’s tallest modular towers.

Designed by local architectural practice ADDP Architects, the residential towers have surpassed George Street, a 135-metre tower built in Croydon, England.

The towers consist of 1,899 prefabricated panels, which were approximately 85 percent completed off-site, before on-site assembly. Off-site work on the modules includes painting, window frames and glazing, doors, wardrobes, mechanical, electrical and plumbing, as well as water and sanitary pipes, electrical conduits and ducting.

The towers’ concrete cores were built simultaneously as the modules were installed, which enabled a central materials and logistics platform, significantly reducing the amount of water used on and offsite.

Key materials for the buildings’ exterior include rendered and painted concrete with aluminium window frames.

Image credit: ADDP Architects