The City of Sydney has accepted the recommendation for approval of what is to be Sydney’s tallest building, with the proposal now referred to the Department of Planning for final sign-off.

505 George Street, designed by Crone Partners, is proposed to stand at a maximum tower height of 260m – 110m above the LEP height limit of 150m for a dual tower arrangement that would be in compliance with planning controls for residential schemes.

Crone Partners say this proposal was developed in response to a number of challenges that would arise if a dual tower arrangement was built on the site, which sits amidst a mix of retail, commercial and residential developments.

“The proposed development use is predominantly residential, and hence it is appropriate that an analysis of the impacts to local urban amenity and context be undertaken,” explain the architects.

It was found that a dual tower development would have an adverse impact on daylight exposure, tower crowding, overshading and view loss to adjoining properties:

  • Views and Aspect – Lumiere will be greatly affected by view loss to the south, and Meriton to the north. The dual tower arrangement also causes a loss of amenity and views to its own apartments, especially those facing each other between towers 1 and 2.
  • Daylight Exposure – The 150 metre height limit and close proximity of towers to the north and east of the proposed development means compliance with the direct sunlight guidelines (SEPP 65 and RFDC) will be difficult.
  • Tower Crowding – Lumiere, Meriton and the new dual towers are all 150m high and will equally be setback from George Street, leading to a “ubiquitous solid wall presence” felt at street level.
  • Overshadowing Impact – a dual tower arrangement’s overall width and massing will create a wide, slow moving shadow, which will affect those buildings located within its southern solar path.

To alleviate these urban related issues, the team consolidated to a slender, 72 storey single tower arrangement set back towards the Kent Street portion of the site.

The proposed height adjustment to 260m is in keeping with neighbouring developments such as the Greenland Centre on 115 Bathurst Street by BVN Donovan Hill, and World Square Tower.

Indicative scheme, aerial montage. Left: existing condition. Right: proposed indicative scheme

Crone Partners is no stranger to designing tall buildings, and lays claim to the tallest structure in Sydney, Sydney Tower.