The Australia 108 tower designed by architecture firm Fender Katsalidis will be the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere with the intention of having the fastest construction time.

The building in Melbourne's Southbank will be 388 metres tall spread over 108 levels and will be home to a 6 star hotel, residential apartments, fresh food market and café and a bar.

According to Fairfax media, architect Nonda Katsalidis' construction company will use a technology that the company has created to make prefabricated structural sections which would allow for the timely construction.

''We're going to fabricate components so that the building will be pre-assembled on the ground,'' Katsalidis said.
''This means that the building will be built faster than any similar building has been built in this country before,'' he said.

He later responded to general criticism about the project:

''There's a lot of emotive things about these kind of buildings but Melburnians are over it. They've become proud of their city's big buildings.''

A new prefabricated, modular building system billed as the ‘the future’ for residential design and created by architects Nonda Katsalidis and Elenberg Fraser with building company UB Australia recently went on show in Melbourne’s Federation Square as part of a sustainable living campaign.

All images courtesy of Fender Katsalidis