Sydney’s Centennial Park will join other Australian icons such as the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach and Uluru on Australia’s national heritage list. The park has been heritage-listed in recognition of its historical significance to the federation of Australia. 

Originally a swamp before being set aside as land for Sydney’s water source, Centennial Park was reconstructed as a public park, opening in 1888. NSW premier Sir Henry Parkes wanted to create a ‘People’s Park’ for Sydney residents to ‘take in the air’ away from the city centre. 

The park is now one of the most popular in Sydney, providing a space for sport, recreation and relaxation. 

Centennial Park is the 115th place to be included on the National Heritage Register. 

According to federal environment minister Melissa Price, the spot was selected for its “outstanding heritage value to the nation” as the site chosen to mark the federation of Australia. 

This year also marks the 130th anniversary of the opening of the park.