FJMT will be the architect of the $75 million redevelopment of IAG House at 388 George Street.

The redevelopment will see a new retail and office precinct built on the corner of King Street.

Currently known as IAG House, the building was previously known under various monikers – the NRMA building, the American Express building and the King George building. It was also once claimed to house the nation’s biggest office suite.

The new plans include the construction of a five-storey retail and commercial podium with a rooftop bar. Made from glass and sandstone, this structure will sit at the base of the existing 30-storey commercial tower designed by architect John Andrews.

With the design of the addition, FJMT aims to restore the streetscape and create a through link that will act as a natural extension of the Sydney Arcade linking between Pitt Street and King Street.

According to FJMT, the addition will be sensitive to the architectural significance of the existing tower. The architects hope that the addition will help ground the existing tower, adding to its integrity.