There’s been a surge in advertised jobs for landscape architects, the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) reports.

Throughout July and August 2014, the number of advertised positions on has increased by almost 50 per cent in comparison to May and June 2014.

Another positive sign for the profession is the distribution of the new jobs, with new positions being created across the country and overseas.

The AILA says this suggests broader improvement in conditions for practices across the country as opposed to being a response to a particular set of circumstances within one state.

“It is a remarkable situation considering the tough job market that has been present within the profession for the past few years,” said AILA National President, Mark Frisby.

“A closer look at the employment landscape points to a shift in the employment of landscape architects. Government has been a growing area of employment, especially within local government. We are now starting to see individual Councils as some of the largest employers of AILA members.”

AILA reports its membership has also dramatically increased over the past six months from 1,400 members in February 2014 to 1,850 members in August 2014. This association attributes the growth directly to their ambitious membership growth strategy which actively engages landscape architects at each stage of their career.