Architects at NBBJ have come up with a prototype for a skyscraper shading system that uses sensors to measure and respond to solar activity.

‘Sunbreak’ shades adjust window-by-window, automatically closing when it’s sunny outside and using solar panels to reflect more sunlight into the building’s interior when it is overcast or cloudy.

The system works using a three-hinged garage door design inspired by Calatrava and panels can be controlled individually by a smartphone app.

It can also sense when no one is in the space — like on the weekends — and put the entire building in energy-conservation mode.

While it’s just a prototype for now, NBBJ expect the Sunbreak technology will catch the eye of companies wanting to design hyper efficient skyscrapers that give workers control over their environment.  

Take a look at the video from NBBJ to see how the Sunbreak shade works.

Courtesy Gizmodo