NSW homeowners are seeking a shift towards regional living, quality craftsmanship and affordability, according to a recent study.

The study from home builders Allworth Homes surveyed more than 500 people across NSW to understand what homeowners value when looking to enter the housing market, or whilst upgrading their homes.

The study found that regional NSW is gaining popularity among all ages groups, as an alternative to inner-city living. Half of the surveyed respondents said they didn’t want to live in the city. Expense was the number one reason why, followed by traffic congestion.  

In terms of home design, 64 percent of those surveyed valued a spacious dwelling above all else. Buyers are also willing to pay extra for ‘green homes’, including solar panels or hot water systems, energy loading, and cross-ventilation. For many respondents, having an environmentally-conscious home was in the top five most important features.

Beyond regional NSW, Sydney suburbs such as Blacktown, Campbelltown, Fairfield, Edmondson Park and Liverpool are projected to boom.

“While the outskirts of Sydney were once considered undesirable, improved infrastructure coupled with soaring house prices has meant many property seekers are look further afield for their homes, including high-income earners,” says Stephen Thompson, director of Allworth Homes.

“According to the survey, first homebuyers and baby boomers looking to downsize are also turning their attention to the outer suburbs.”