Students at the University of Canberra could end up graduating from a landscape architecture degree with no professional accreditation, with the university retiring its accredited Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree in favour of the new Bachelor of the Built Environment (Landscape Architecture) degree.

According to the university, the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree is being taught out, with no new enrolments. New students wishing to study landscape architecture are required to enrol in the Bachelor of Built Environment (Landscape Architecture) degree, which has not been accredited by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture (AILA).

AILA chief executive Tim Arnold has advised that the university will need to give close attention to the new course to meet the accreditation requirements. Meanwhile, there are other options for students such as the university’s accredited master course.

According to Arnold, there are still employment prospects for non-accredited landscape architecture graduates.

Students who graduate from an accredited landscape architecture course can become registered landscape architects with two years of experience. Those who do not graduate from an accredited course will need eight years of experience to become registered.

Image credit: University of Canberra