The first of its kind, FRONT is all about purpose-driven networking.

The seminar series is moderated by 8 experienced individuals from various disciplines, so we are sure that they will cover everything YOU need to know about the commercial landscape –make sure you register now.

Each seminar caters to the growing concern of people, products and knowledge across the commercial landscape:

  • Now that boundaries between disciplines within the architecture and design industry have blurred, how does this affect the commercial landscape? Design as Ecosystem uncovers all angles within the design chain.
  • Sustainability has always been a concern in the industry, but how can designers maximise adaptive reuse with existing buildings and still meet those outcomes? Find out by registering now to attend ‘If It Ain’t Broke… The Value of Adaptive Reuse’
  • Tech Two and Call Me in the Morning responds to the concern of how  “healthy” workplaces and technology can be combined to elevate the commercial landscape.
  • Join Richard Francis-Jones, Kirsten Brown, Karen Primmer and James Calder as they uncover how designers should manage and maximise relationships with clients and individuals from other disciplines in order to truly deliver and meet the needs of their end-users.
  • This question crosses everyone’s minds at least once in their life – what does it take to build a successful design practice? Mia Feasey, Winner of The Luminary Award at this year’s INDE.Awards, moderates Design Entrepreneur. To hear real life examples of success, register now for FRONT.
  • What design elements and features need to be included to ensure diners have a memorable dining experience? The Bottom Line at the Front Line seminar is an opportunity for you to be involved with our conversation with four hospitality pros.
  • It is become more and more evident that developers and property groups are getting involved with all stages of design.  Finding a balance between influential design, financial concerns and a rigid bottom line what effects does this have on the hospitality design landscape? Cheque, Please!
  • The INDE.Awards have just passed and this is your opportunity to plunge into the details of three winning projects. Want to join in and learn about what made those projects so successful? Register for FRONT for ticket availability.  

The discussion about the future of workplaces and hospitality design is just beginning; secure YOUR place today. Click here