The Federal Government has announced a revised advance release of the Building and Construction (Fair and Lawful Building Sites) Industry Code.

The revised Code, which contains amendments to an earlier version which was released in April 2014, is said to have been strengthened and enhanced in response to further feedback from stakeholders, including unions and employers.

For instance, the Code now makes it clear that the requirements of the Building Code do apply to variations of enterprise agreements.

Contractors must also strictly comply with immigration laws and visa requirements, or risk losing the ability to work on Commonwealth Government-funded projects.

Minister for Employment Senator Eric Abetz said the new Code will be vital in ensuring that taxpayer-funded construction projects are built productively, on time, without waste and on budget.

The revisions will also ensure that this is achieved in a safe manner and only by companies that strictly comply with the law.

“If Government-funded projects are delivered on time and on budget, the Government can invest in more public infrastructure, which means more jobs for workers, better public infrastructure, more services and a bigger return to taxpayers for their investment,” Senator Abetz said.

“Compliance with the Code will be a condition of any new Commonwealth funding to the States for major infrastructure projects.

“States which do not agree to apply the Code to such projects will not receive funding.”

The Fair and Lawful Building Sites Code will come into effect and apply to all Commonwealth Government-funded construction following the passage of the legislation to re-establish the Australian Building and Construction Commission.

For more information on the interim assessment service please A copy of the Fair and Lawful Building Sites Code 2014 can be found HERE.