Starbucks will open on March 19 inside the west-Tokyo garden, Hana Biryori greenhouse, run by a large, Japanese amusement park, Yomiuriland.

With 1,500sqm of greenery, digital projections alongside sound shows will incorporate on-site flowers and its atmosphere to create an immersive sonic-audio experience. With four to six shows on per day, each beginning once the café goes dark.

The site has 20 projectors and 18 speakers, with the spectacle covering a total length of 60 metres.

Featuring colourful flower chandeliers and a flora and fauna celebration including begonia, fuchsia, petunia, geranium and bellflower, the greenhouse will further boast an on-site otter enclosure.

There are also rotating workshops to create your own moss terrarium, bottle aquarium or flower arrangement.

Alongside 1,200 fish, there are 50 different species swimming amidst two sizable aquariums set up across the vast space.