As the boundaries of design are pushed further and further beyond everything we’ve traditionally known, and architects, specifiers and designers continually search for new ways to maximise the potential of the built environment, the lines between form and function become increasingly blurred.

One element of design that has evolved considerably over the years is in the use of walls. No longer merely a supporting structure, the once humble wall is now more versatile than ever.

And just as the design possibilities have expanded, so too have the ideas and expectations of clients.

In addition to retail centres and transport terminals, the once conservative commercial settings such as education and care facilities are also embracing bright and bespoke design. The addition of features walls is helping these facilities to create inspiring and interesting spaces.

Do More with Your Walls

While the use of decorative feature walls has been prevalent since the 1980s, today, innovations from Australian companies such as Laminex are now allowing architects and designers to push the boundaries of what a wall can do even further.


Laminex have been at the forefront of decorative surface innovations for over 60 years, and the most recent addition to the Laminex range is Clipwall™, a revolutionary wall-lining system that allows for stunning patterns and textures to be incorporated into interior walls with ease.

Clipwall™ panels are fire resistant pre-finished MDF that clip together for a seamless finish. Clipwall™ eliminates messy installation steps such as plaster joining and painting, and is up to 5 times faster to install than traditional plasterboard.

Clipwall™ Is up to 5 times faster to install than traditional plasterboard. This is an especially remarkable development for spaces such as schools or retail spaces where extended periods of closure are not possible. It is in these spaces where the convenience and ease of Clipwall™ truly shines, allowing architects and designers to create stunning interiors without disruption to surrounding activities.


Button-fix™ is a secure and secret fixing system for easy mounting of wall panels. Button-fix™ allows for 90 degree corners, hidden access panels as well as hinged doors, and can help to greatly reduce installation time.

Button-fix™ is easily mounted to a frame and decorative panel with counter sunk screw, and allows for easy vertical or sideways assembly of panels.

Clipwall™ and Button-fix™ from Laminex are ideal for commercial projects looking for fast, simple and cost-effective solutions to take to a space to the next level.

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