Several property development companies across Australia are offering solar packages along with their new builds, ensuring long-term energy security for home buyers.

Australian home builder Metricon is one such company that has recently partnered with solar installer CSR Bradford to provide a rooftop solar and battery storage package deal on at least half of about 1,000 homes being built each year in New South Wales alone. Prospective home buyers have also evinced interest in design packages with built-in energy security.

Customers in NSW and Queensland customers who choose the Designer by Metricon range will have the option to include a Solar ChargePack. This package includes a 5.4kW rooftop solar power system and Tesla’s home battery, the Powerwall 2 with a storage capacity of 13.5kWh. A number of property developers have tied up with Bradford Energy for similar deals.

While new homeowners are increasingly favouring such packages, the solar power feature is likely to become compulsory for all new homes built in Australia.

However, all of these packages come with battery storage, which still remains high priced though costs have been coming down. Affordability is a problem, especially for new homeowners on a budget and weighed down by a heavy mortgage.

Acknowledging the affordability concerns related to battery storage, Bradford Energy business manager Ashley O’Brien explains that homeowners can confidently enter their new homes and turn on the air conditioning without worrying about the bill, resulting in peace of mind. Since these homeowners work during the day and use energy only when they return home, the solar and storage package appeals to them.

Metricon’s sales manager for NSW, Peter Ayers seconds this argument, saying that more than half of their customers want to make their homes as energy efficient as possible. Given the increasing cost of electricity, the solar and battery package will soon become the norm, helping homes generate their own electricity.

Metricon estimates that savings for customers opting for the 5.4kW Bradford Solar ChargePack should amount to about $30,000 across 10 years.