Singapore’s giant SportsHub stadium has been granted the title of the largest free-spanning dome structure ever built—stretching more than 308 metres across at its widest point. 

Designed by DP Architects, the 55,000-seat stadium is designed to host a wide range of sporting events, including athletics, rugby and cricket. 

A retractable roof that spans 310 metres and moveable seating enable the venue to be converted from one mode to another within 48 hours.

The dome is said to use one-third of the steel weight per square metre and achieves a 60% reduction in energy use in comparison to other large span structures of the same scale.

Surrounding the stadium is a mix of sporting, community and leisure venues, and interconnected public spaces, including a network of pedestrian and cycling trails, a pool and a water park, a skate park, space for canoeing and kayaking, a mall, and a huge rock climbing wall. 

Courtesy Gizmodo