A mosaic of black and white portraits will canvas renovations and scaffolding at the Paris Pantheon while the iconic building undergoes extensive restorations.

The Centre Des Monuments Nationaux commissioned French street artist JR to come up with a temporary installation similar to his ongoing, participatory art project ‘Inside Out’, which features self-portrait photos of people from around the world.

To create the ‘Au Panthéon!’ exhibition, JR set up what he refers to as “the ultimate selfie experiment”, collecting the self-portrait photos people uploaded to a dedicated website, as well as those taken in a portable photo booth in Paris.

Over 4,000 expressive portraits from a diverse range of people were chosen to form the black and white collage.

The artwork has been plastered around the drum of the pantheon building, beneath the dome, on certain places within the monument, and on a photographic runway, which has been laid on the floor down the centre of the site.

Courtesy Huffington Post